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Michael's Pub in Las Vegas is Bolt Pride East! Located in the Sprouts Farmer's Market's Shopping Center at the corner of Flamingo and South Rainbow (3 miles WEST from Ceasar's Palace), Michael's is a local bar in the city that never sleeps. But Michael's is no ordinary bar. Michael's burns with Bolt Pride. Michael's is "home of the Charger fans." Spend any gameday at Michael's and feel the power of Bolt Pride first-hand. Imagine yourself entering a bar and being greeted by wall-to-wall Charger fans and all televisions set on the Charger game. Imagine no more. This is Michael's! The 2' x 3' jumbo horse shield magnet behind the bar proudly states "Bolt Pride." Interested in a different game? Find another bar. Enough said.

All Charger fans are welcomed at Michael's. The Michael's staff makes you feel at home, especially Elaine, Tommy and General Manager - Owner Rick Tackley. Vegas Rick is a hard-core Charger fan and a season ticket holder - making the short drive to San Diego for every Charger home game!

On December 22, 2002, the Original Bolt Pride and Bolt Pride East collided for the first time. A Bolt Pride convoy of 30 invaded Michael's Pub to witness the Chargers' devastation of the Chiefs on the road to the playoffs. The Chargers didn't win. But this didn't stop the Bolt Pride. This first Bolt Pride East-West reunion set the tradition. Vegas I was only the beginning. The Bolt Pride makes a road-trip to Vegas every year!

Ain't nothing but a Bolt Pride thing! When in Vegas, Michael's is a must-stop for the Bolt Pride:

Michael's Pub
"Home of the Charger fans"
4012 South Rainbow
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 871-1381

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