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We're the heart of the Chargers’ 12th man!

Originated: 1992
Founders: 4-man Corps of *Alvarez, *Grill Master, *Tirado and *Valdivia
Soldiers: *Double E, *Sergeant Jose, Charger Rudy, Compa Wicho, Big Boss Man, Tom-Tom, Big Al, Linebackers *JTap and Big D, T-Bone, Big Art, Burgess, Hilton Doug, Big Man Bill, The Ranger, Baker Tom, Cito, *Ken Dogg, Tio Pete, Little Jimmy, Vegas Rick, Jaime, Charger Man Paul, Florida Jeff, Philly Eric, Wes, Gary, Josue, Chris Dogg, Chris, Major, Frankie, Dubai Jeff
Tattoo Club: Bolt Pride for life. Who’s next?
Command Post: Front row, Chargers’ Thunder Zone, Field Section 17, Seats 3-15
Season Tickets 51 and counting
Banners: 1. Bolt Pride with horse shield and helmets 2. Our House
Original Collection: Bolt Pride gold pendant, t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts, hooded sweat shirts, flags, parking permits, stained glass shields, car magnets, patches, tattoos, window stickers, MAG-LITE flashlight
Photo Credits:
  • 1995 Union Tribune Super Bowl Sunday
  • 1996 Chargers Team Poster
  • 1997 Union Tribune Sports, Game Day Magazine
  • 1998 Tailgate Times Magazine, Fan Appreciation Ad in Union Tribune, Chargers’ Committed to Winning Ad in Union Tribune
  • 1999 Chargers Season Ticket brochure, Insider Magazine, Chargers Yearbook, Chargers Fan-Fest Ad in Union Tribune
  • 2000 Chargers Calendar, Chargers’ letter to San Diego in Union Tribune, Chargers Season Ticket brochure,Chargers 40 Years of Lightning History Book, 2001 Chargers Yearbook, North County Times Sports, Chargers Screensaver by Union Bank of California
  • 2002 Chargers Team Video, Union Tribune,
  • 2003 Chargers Calendar, Chargers Media Guide, Schedule Ad, Chargers Bus Stop Poster, Chargers Group Tickets brochure, Gameday Magazine–all games
  • Road Trips:
  • 1993 Los Angeles
  • 1994 Los Angeles
  • 1995 Super Bowl XXIX @ Miami
  • 1998 Arizona
  • 1999 Oakland, 2001 Oakland
  • 2002 Arizona, Oakland, Vegas I,
  • 2003 Vegas II, Jacksonville, MNF - Arizona
  • Award:
  • 2002 Bob Golic Golden Grill
  • Affiliates:
  • Bolt Pride East - Michael’s Pub
  • Las Vegas (December 2002) Bolt Pride North - Chucky’s Pizzeria
  • San Marcos (October 2003)
  • Bolt
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    The Bolt Pride Experience originated in 1992

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