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The Hit Man
#37 - Mr. Rodney Harrison

"Hi, this is Rodney Harrison ..."

It all started in game 4 of the 1997 season. The Chargers played the Seahawks in Seattle. In the second quarter, Rodney returned an interception 75-yards for a touchdown to give the Bolts a 10-3 lead. Although we lost the game 26-22, Rodney played like a pro-bowler. His performance as a defensive leader, alongside Junior, was the motivation for THE BANNER.

During the week following the Seahawk game, I left a note for Rodney at the Fortress - the Chargers' training facility. I congratulated Rodney for his interception and offered to create a gameday banner for him. However, I needed his help to design it. I suggested several options for him, including Beware the Hit Man and Hit Man Harrison, and I asked him to call me if he liked the idea for the banner.

Rodney was then very kind and classy to call back. He left a message which began, "Hi, this is Rodney Harrison ..." I couldn't believe it. This was Rodney Harrison on my answering machine! This was not your everyday message. I replayed it several times to make sure I got the message straight. He liked the idea for a banner, and he chose Beware the Hit Man. This marked the beginning of The Hit Man!

The banner debuted in game 5, Ravens vs Chargers. Rodney played like a monster. He devastated the Ravens' receivers that day, including a knockout across the middle that left Rodney standing over another victim. Final score: Chargers 21-Ravens 17. Rodney finished with a team-high 12 tackles.

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