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The Chargers are my team and my obsession - to the point where I joke with friends that I need professional psychiatric help. After family, nothing compares to the rush on gamedays at the Murph. Football is a very special game, and I love to see the Chargers punish other opponents, especially the Raiders.

Gamedays in San Diego are my extreme emotional release. The anticipation builds up throughout the week leading up to gameday. Work is only a minor detail.

Since gameday, including the tailgate party, is a major operation, I have a checklist of things to pack and do for the game. Most preparations are handled by Saturday evening, including setting the VCR to tape the game. Final preparations on Sunday morning are done to the sounds of the NFL Films CD "The Power and the Glory" - the ultimate NFL fan's CD. Although I live up the hill from the Murph, I cannot get to the stadium parking lot early enough - that's why I arrive before the gates open at 6 am to join the other hardcore faithful. Once there and in the shadow of the Murph, the Bolt Pride party begins.

The tailgate party alone is a 4-6 hour Charger family event. Then at game time, I throw on the game gear, grab the Bolt Pride banners and head for the Power Corps. My game gear includes a #1 Charger jersey and black workout gloves. For the record, the #1 represents my team - not a player, and the gloves make high-fives more violent. Everything in the Thunder Zone is done with passion, including high-fives!

Football seasons are relatively short, and every game is critical. Once the game starts, like our players, we give it all we've got. When the game is over we are usually physically and emotionally drained. It then takes at least 2 days to physically recover and regain our voices. A Charger win feels good all during the following work week. While a loss burns in the mind until the Chargers' next game - when the gameday process is repeated.

Win or lose - the Chargers are my team, and I love gamedays!

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