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#1 Grill Master, #1 Tailgate

Dateline - December 8, 2002: It's official! The Grill Master and the Bolt Pride are #1 - and we have the trophy to prove it. Former NFL player Bob Golic presented the Golden Grill Award to the Grill Master and the Bolt Pride before the Chargers' game vs. the Raiders.

Mr. Golic and a Discovery Networks film crew toured the Murph parking lot in search of the best grill master and best tailgate. The Bolt Pride was one of their first stops. Had they known, they could have ended the competition immediately, declared the Grill Master and the Bolt Pride as the winners, and stayed to party - Bolt Pride style. On this day, the Bolt Pride party was off the hook with lots of great food, a DJ in the house and well over 100 Bolt Pride party people.

Mr. Golic was given a Bolt Pride VIP reception and lots of Bolt Pride love. He toured the Bolt Pride ground-zero at the corner of Bolt Pride Highway 55 and Charger drive; he was introduced to Bolt Pride founders and Bolt Pride family; he was briefed on the Bolt Pride resume and website; he was shown the Bolt Pride photo gallery; and he was introduced to the Bolt Pride Grill Master. The Grill Master represented with his award winning tri-tip steak. Needless to say, Mr. Golic was very impressed.

The Golic party then left to judge the rest of the competition. Hours later, Mr. Golic returned. He was convinced. He learned first-hand that there is only one Bolt Pride Grill Master and one Bolt Pride - winners of the Bob Golic Golden Grill Award!

The Bolt Pride is grateful to Mr. Bob Golic and the Discovery Networks for this special recognition. The Bob Golic Award will be shown on the Discovery Network in January, 2003. Stay tuned for details.

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