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MagWell is the Bolt Pride grill master. Barbecue Class 101 is in session when he is working his magic. His techniques are incomparable, and his cooking is a mouth-watering experience. He takes pride in his food preparation, especially his seasonings and marinades. Grilling is then the finishing touch. Carne asada, chicken in all styles and 7-bone steaks are only some of his specialties. You name it, he can grill it to perfection!

Miguel is his real name. But MagWell is how Lee Hacksaw Hamilton pronounces it when Miguel calls the radio talkshow. Although Miguel lives in Rancho Cucamonga in the Inland Empire of Los Angeles County, Hacksaw has identified him as MagWell from Pomona, West Covina and even Tijuana!

Yes, that's right ... MagWell is a hard core Charger fan and a road warrior. He commutes 125 miles each way to attend Charger home games. He is often one of the first to arrive for the tailgate party, he parties all gameday long and then he travels the 125 miles to return home. But distance is not a problem for MagWell. He will never miss the pleasure and excitement of the gameday Bolt Pride Experience.

MagWell is also a classic example of the force of Charger Power. He is a native of Los Angeles with four brothers who, unfortunately, have grown up to be Raider fanatics. But MagWell alone was saved by Charger Power. He knows right from wrong, and he avoided making the same mistake as his brothers. Nonetheless, like the Chargers and Raiders, he and his brothers share a strong, common bloodline. Yes, his Raider brothers are part of the extended Bolt Pride family. Proof of this family tie was shown when his brothers gave MagWell an authentic Dan Fouts #14 Charger jersey on his birthday.

MagWell often wears a Ryan Leaf #16 jersey during the Bolt Pride tailgate party - given Leaf's bonehead history as a Charger, it doesn't matter if the jersey gets dirty with barbecue sauce. But MagWell's game gear is his #14 jersey and Charger floppy hat.

MagWell is a Bolt Pride soldier and a keeper of the Charger way. Do not disrespect him or our Chargers. A so-called Charger fan in the Power Corps once wore a paper bag over his head. This really pissed off MagWell, so he called out the loser fan from two sections away and dropped an "xpac" on him - off went the paper bag! End of story.

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